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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 1987 - the chaos

So one of the gifts we gave our parents this year was to have some really old videos converted over to DVD. Kristin took them to Costco and has been able to see them online, and man are they entertaining! This is just one of the many chapters, but I just laugh at the clothes we had on, and I totally remember that keyboard! Now, if only the Lollywinks had been playing on the radio...

*If the video you see isn't Christmas at their house just click on the bottom between the time and the volume*

1987 Christmas at Mimere & Piperes

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Much overdue update

Looks like the blog has taken a back seat, but I don't don't want to completely neglect it. The Sniders have been busy as usual - Thanksgiving came and went and we spent time preparing for Christmas. Claire absolutely loved having the Christmas tree in the house and Jenna did surprisingly well not grabbing the ornaments off the tree. Both girls were big fans of Jack, our Elf on the Shelf, and each morning Claire would run through the house looking for him. Whoever created that book and concept is really a genius. The girls came to work with me on Christmas Eve before we hit the road to Massachusetts spending Christmas Eve with the Calnen side of the family and a quiet Christmas day on Wishing Well Way before heading home Christmas night for another round of opening gifts. Claire was super excited for all the gift opening and loves her Barbie dolls and games, Jenna could have cared less what the gifts were she just wanted to rip the wrapping paper! Friday after Christmas we hit the road to California for a 10 day excursion that left us worn out and needing another vacation. We stayed with Andrea and enjoyed time walking pub crawling our way along the beaches, enjoying several great meals, whale watching, and celebrating an East Coast New Years on the West Coast. New Years Day we headed to the Rose Bowl parade and then walked through looking at the floats which were phenomenal. It is hard to explain or appreciate the detail of these floats until you see them up close. Definitely add a trip to the Rose Bowl parade to your bucket list. After the Rose Bowl we headed down to San Diego for a few days where we enjoyed SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo. Besides some minor illnesses, everything went great!

On another note - our precious little Jenna has turned into a terror. We have been saying this for a while, but anyone who spends some time with her will agree. This girl is just all over the place into everythng and has quite the little temper. She screams at the top of her lungs when she doesn't get what she wants. One of her favorite activities has become undressing  herself. We put her to bed the other night and after 15 mintues of screaming I went in to check on her with plans to lay her back down. When I walked into the room I found everything had been thrown out of the crib except Jenna and the diaper that was in her hand. She somehow managed to undress herself and take her diaper off - luckily it was clean! But the worst part is as soon as she saw me she stopped crying and started laughing. I had no choice but to join in the giggles and of course call Dan and Claire to check out what was going on. This past weekend Claire and Jenna were playing and Claired yelled to me - Mom, Jenna is on your bed and she's taking off her diaper - and it has poop in it. Just what you don't want to hear when you are in the other room, but I did make it in before anything crazy went down.

Claire continues to be the sweetest most deceptive kid around. She is quite the bargainer and tends to win us over with sweetness. She loves to read books, play games, and draw pictures for Mom and Dad to take to work. She is inquisitive about everything and doesn't miss a beat.

And that my friends, is the Sniders in a nutshell right now

Monday, December 10, 2012

Claires song

Claire asked to record this song for everyone to hear, so we obliged. And in case you ever doubted that Claire grew up in New Jersey, just listen to the way she pronounces "carrot."


Sunday, November 04, 2012

:-) :-) :-)

I guess the title of my earlier post was foreshadowing the day to come. We just got our power back!!

Daylight on Day 6

Thanks to daylight savings time, I saw daylight for the first time since Tuesday! My poor eyes didn't know what to do. Yesterday after work I decided to meet up with the New York City Clemson Club to watch the football game. It was a nice distraction for a little while, but I was exhausted and only made it to halftime. As I was getting ready to leave, I played the pity card on the bartender and procured a cold beer to enjoy once I got home. I had my own candle light Bugles & Beer party while I boiled my 8 pots of water  :-)  

Parts of Hoboken are returning to service, but we did not fall in the areas that got power back yesterday. That leads me to believe it will be a bit longer. Dan is not sure when he is heading back to Hoboken, but his work has been very flexible with him under the circumstances. 

More devastating pictures if you want to check them out.

I am tired, wondering why Mother Nature is sending another storm our way on Wednesday, and missing my family. We will all make it through this, but it is tough. Tomorrow will be 7 days without power

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Day 5

After my rant about the marathon I was happy to see that yesterday afternoon someone finally came to their senses. So, I feel justified in my ranting.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Work all day, once again boiled my 8 pots of water, diluted with cold water to get enough warm water for a sponge bath if you will. I was able to charge our laptop at work and pick up a free Wi-Fi signal at home for as long as the battery lasted. Read a little bit in bed with every blanket in the house piled on top of me and don't think I moved an inch before I woke up too early. It was more than painful to break the blanket seal and allow cold air in. I could have laid there all day. But I was up, washed my hair and headed to work where I can at least plug in the hair dryer.

This is an intersting link that shows some before and after pictures in areas throughout New Jersey.

And the below pictures made me smile  :-)  They are at Nana & Piperes so I would not be surprised if this was at breakfast

Friday, November 02, 2012

Thoughts on Day 4

Let me first say that these are my thoughts, not influenced by work and honestly I don't know how anyone at work really feels about this. But when I sit at work all day and hear how employees can not get to work because there is no gas in their car and employees who are at work can not make it to the field because there is no gas, contractors from as far away as California are being flown in, their trucks loaded on military planes, and there are no hotels within 80 miles of NYC. FEMA is assisting with setting up mini camps at 3 locations throughout the city, each housing 1000 contractors. But have no dear, the marathon will go on. Starting in Staten Island that has been torn to pieces and still has 53K customers out of service. I just don't understand how it is a good idea to divert police resources to clean the marathon route, hold pedestrians back from the route, hand out water, etc... It really frustrates me to no end. Release their hotel rooms to the people that could use them, give the water and snacks to those who need them. Am I alone with these thoughts, what do YOU think? Hello, McFly, anyone out there? I posted a few links to articles below, I'm sure there are plenty of others out there.

Daily News Article
New York Post Article 
New York Times Article

After working yesterday I headed home, donned my head lamp flashlight, and began the daunting task of cleaning out the fridge and freezer. It aggravated me how much money I was throwing out and made ne question why we went grocery shopping before the storm. When we prepare for the next storm we will certainly prepare differently. Guess it wasn't that important to get milk for the girls 2 days before the storm hit. Why do people but bread, milk, and eggs when a storm is coming? 2 of the 3 got thrown out last night. I took out 6 bags of food alone, down 3 flights of stairs in the pitch black. All the while wondering why I didn't just open the fridge 2 days ago and at least enjoy a beer while they were cold. After all that work, I figured I at least deserved a bath so I took the 4 biggest pots I could find in the house, filled them up and boiled some water. After 8 trips back and forth bringing the water to the bathroom I had enough hot water that I could mix with cold water to have a lukewarm sponge bath. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? The hair washing is done with my head flipped over the tub in the mornings and then I dry my hair as soon as I get to work.

That is all for now - hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. I'm sure Claire would love to play if anyone is around Massachusetts. She will be there all of next week through November 10th.


Here is a picture from one of our mini camps